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1. Project Finance

1.1 IIB Leading international infrastructure finance. Learn more

1.2 Forms of direct funding that IIB offers. Learn more

2. Capital Markets

2.1 Overview. Learn more

2.2 Understanding Capital Markets. Learn more

2.3 Types of Capital Markets. Learn more

2.4 Private Capital Markets. Learn more

2.5 How IIB is involved in Capital Markets. Learn more

2.6 Our Capabilities. Learn more

3. IIB Group and venture capital

3.1 IIB Leading Player in Global Venture Capital. Learn more

3.2 IIB SPV Structure Model. Learn more

3.3 Private Equity Venture Capital. Learn more

4. Trade Finance, Monetization and PPP based project funding

4.1 Overview. Learn more

4.2 IIB Raising Capital Through Financial Instruments. Learn more

4.3 Finance A Business Using a Bank Instrument. Learn more

4.4 Processing financial Instruments. Learn more

4.5 What Parts Do Banks Play in SBLC Transactions? Learn more

5. Support for SMEs

5.1 Financial Products We Offer. Learn more

6. Providing Funding To Turn People`s Ideas Into A Company by Investing in People Today for Better Future

6.1 Overview. Learn more

6.2 Turning An Idea Into A Business Opportunity. Learn more

6.3 Action Steps To Transform A Bright Idea Into A Successful Business. Learn more

6.4 How to Present a Business Idea Without it Getting Stolen. Learn more

6.5 Steps to Sell Your Business Ideas and Inventions to IIB. Learn more

6.6 Applying for IIB Funding for your Business Idea. Learn more

7. IIB Development Group Charitable Foundation Philanthropic

7.1 IIB Foundation. Learn more

7.2 Grant and Community Giving. Learn more

7.3 Philanthropic Services Private Foundations. Learn more

7.4 IIB Charitable Foundation Philanthropic Strategy. Learn more

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