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IIB Development Group brings together experts in synergistic industries to develop turnkey innovative solutions in the areas of financing, housing, energy, water, infrastructure and development.

The IIB-DG team is comprised of a diverse group of professionals, with varied competencies and significant experience in financing and infrastructure across the world.

It is largely bi-lingual and multi-cultural group of approximately 300 professionals, from various countries across the globe. A widespread of backgrounds, with qualifications in areas ranging from Engineering to Banking and Finance, Project Development and Consulting. Our team members have come from international investment, capable for structuring deals, designing and implementing transactions, development finance institutions (DFIs), regional banks and operating companies.

IIB-DG offers innovation, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. All member companies continuously undertake solution focused methodologies in their individual fields, meaning that they respond to existing shortcomings by offering optimized solutions tailored for each client, not just bottom line enhancing, solutions. This combination of technological innovativeness and client focus leads to high levels of cost effectiveness and time savings resulting in considerable overall project affordability compared to outdated conventional approaches.

IIB-DG brings together established and very successful companies to jointly leverage their respective strengths to create a much more robust value proposition and enhance our comparative advantage in some markets. Our biggest strength is in the innovative and affordable cutting-edge products and services that we offer, well trained and experienced staff and decades of combined institutional experience that our companies bring together. We have multi-disciplinary engineering capacity that undergirds all our infrastructure offerings as well as partnership facilitation competencies supplemented by our financing capacity.

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