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The shareholders own IIB-DG by owning its shares, and IIB-DG`s Directors manage them. These shareholders are represented by a Board of Directors, who are the ultimate policymakers at the IIB.

They reap the benefits of IIB-DG’s success, and their rewards come in the form of increased stock valuations or financial profits distributed as dividends. While retaining overall authority over IIB, the shareholders delegate most powers to the Board of Directors, which is responsible for approving IIB-DG’s country, sector, and thematic strategies, policies, and operations.

The Shareholders are the institution’s highest governing body. The Shareholders ’ main competencies are to lay down general directives for the IIB-DG’s credit policy to approve the annual report, the annual balance sheet, and the profit and loss account to decide on the IIB-DG’s participation in financing operations with other institutions and to approve capital increases.

The shareholders appoint the members of the Board of Directors and the Management Committee, as well as the members of the Audit Committee and the Appointment Advisory Committee. In particular, the Board of Directors shall report to the shareholders’ meeting about the performed and planned activity and shall use its best efforts for ensuring that the shareholders receive adequate information about the necessary elements for them to take in an informed manner the decisions that are the competence of the shareholders’ meeting. The shareholders hold an annual meeting to examine the annual report and determine the general direction of the IIB.


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