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iib development group Multinational Financial Institution in Washington, DC

Projects Finance Worldwide in District of Columbia

At IIB DEVELOPMENT GROUP, we have the expertise and experience that you are looking for in a wide array of industries, including monetization for project funding in Washington, District of Columbia. With our knowledge and skills, we can provide you with innovative solutions that can solve even the most demanding and complex challenges that you are facing. For your construction projects and infrastructure development in Washington, District of Columbia, you know who to call!

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We Are Committed

Mission Statement

IIB`s mission is to provide financial resources to businesses and countries to address the challenges they face and achieve sustainable socio-development and job creation with a significant positive impact on the social life of the population, elevating living standards and economic growth.

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Our Core Values

We work every day to improve the quality of life on the planet. We are built on the strength of our people and IIB`s core values , IIB employees and partners guide the mission, drive the vision and uphold our collective beliefs.

  • ON GIVING BACK - IIB-DG is committed to helping employment creation in the countries that we work in and make a positive contribution to communities. We only succeed if we share the reward with others, at the end of the day, ask yourself: “Am I making a difference in the lives of others,”
  • ON EMPOWERMENT - We believe that empowered people are both happy and productive. Thus, our management approaches ensure every employee is empowered with responsibility at their level.” Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”
  • ON ACCOUNTABILITY - IIB professionals take personal responsibility for their work. No matter what, we deliver on promises and obligations to our partners and co-workers alike. We make timely reports and analyze all our processes for your convenience and ours as well, and we use these reports to learn and grow IIB brand. “ Constantly seek criticism. A well thought out critique of what you`re doing is as valuable as gold. Take criticism seriously, but not personally. If there is truth or merit in the criticism, try to learn from it. Otherwise, let it roll right off you.” “Nine things to give up if you want to be successful: 1.Complaining, 2.Limit beliefs, 3.Blaming others, 4.Negative self- talk, 5.Dwelling on the past, 6.Resistance to change, 7.The need to impress others, 8.The need to always be right, 9.The need for other`s approval.”
  • ON INNOVATION - At IIB, we drive innovation to make sure the best and most creative ideas do not remain on the drawing board, but rather contribute improving people's lives. Each staff member is expected to have the requisite skill to develop new products, processes and provide excellent service. “You aren`t meant to be understood by everyone. You`re meant to blow some minds and break belief systems.”.
  • ON PROACTIVITY - To make our vision happen, we need creative people from a broad range of background, who can think out of the box, who like asking questions and who see challenges as opportunities. Constantly preparing and proactively seeking the best solutions to any challenge.
  • ON COMMITMENT - Committing to fulfill our promises and accompanying partners to the success.
  • ON INTERGRITY AND COMPLIANCE - Keeping honesty in communication and at work. Forbidding to conceal the truth or to do bribery and embezzlement in any manner. Abide by a sound ethical code of conduct. Fair, honest and trustworthy in all actions. The reputation and the future of the IIB depend on the IIB's integrity. We are committed to promoting integrity, good corporate governance and high ethical standards in all business operations. The IIB's Office of the Chief Compliance Officer promotes good governance and ensures that the highest standards of integrity are applied to all activities of the IIB in accordance with international best practice. In particular, we deal with conflicts of interest, corruption, confidentiality and money laundering.
  • ON ENVIRONMENTAL & SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY - At IIB, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. IIB-DG is committed, through its products and services, to preserving the environment, contributing to mitigation efforts, and using our technical expertise to continuously innovate ways of ensuring environmental sustainability. At IIB we are always thinking about the future of our IIB, private and public sector worldwide. It is with this approach that we ensure the sustainable growth of the IIB. We assess the environmental and social impacts of all of the projects we invest in and work with our clients to achieve good international standards. At the IIB, we go beyond providing finance for projects in the hope that, at some point, end-users will benefit. We promote international best practices and encourage innovative approaches to bring about lasting change. Our impact is amplified by encouraging our clients to implement best practices that often go beyond the acceptable standards in their countries. In that regard, we're helping them to become sustainability leaders themselves. Every year, we recognize our clients who, with our support and guidance, have demonstrated outstanding commitment to and innovation in sustainable practices, at our annual Sustainability Awards.
  • ON COOPERATION - Being open-minded and expressing ourselves clearly in communication, always listen and comprehend. Willing to exchange information, ideas, and assisting each other to grow. ' Train your mind to be calm in every situation. Believe in yourself, you can make it.” “Here What `s cool: 1.Saying 'Thank,you”,2.Apologizing when you`re wrong, 3.Showing up on time, 4.Being nice to strangers, 5.Listening without interrupting, 6.Admitting your dreams, 7.Following your dreams, 8.Holding doors open for others.”