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APRIL 06,2020

IIB-DG Africa signs 20 Year concession agreement with Société des Plateformes Portuaires d’Afrique de l’Ouest (SPOA-BENIN) S.A . of Republic of Beni represented by his Chairman Mr. Joseph Coomlan MANSILLA for financing,development, construction, operation and maintenance of the dry ports of Bohicon and Tchaourou in the Republic of Benin .

Traffic growth during the last ten (10) years has led to a complete saturation of both the port area and the city of Cotonou itself. The situation becomes uncontrollable and unmanageable with the completion of construction of the second port in deep water (with funding from the MCA-BENIN whose completion was planned for the year 2011).

The idea of our project is to create and develop a dry port in Bohicon (Zou) for the reception and processing of goods to and from the seaport of Cotonou to hinterland countries (Niger, Burkina Faso , Mali) and an annex in Tchaourou for the northern region of Benin and why not for our giant neighbor, who is the Federal Republic of Nigeria (the saturation of his main port of Lagos is legendary).
Funding of project infrastructures which include

  • Tank farms in Cotonou, Bohicon and Tchaourou
  • Dry ports in Bohicon and Tchaourou

The dry port, built on four hectares, will be operated by IIB-DG partners, under a 20-year concession, which will subsequently transfer all real estate assets in SPOA-BENIN. About 500 jobs will be created during construction and up to 3,000 direct jobs and indirect when the dry port becomes operational. IIB-DG says second stage will see creation of an economic zone around Benin and other countries (Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali) in the region.

About IIB-DG Africa

IIB Development is a consortium of US based companies specializing in financing and infrastructure development. IIB Development Group brings together experts in synergistic industries to develop turnkey innovative solutions in infrastructure and development – housing, roads, water and wastewater, energy, railways as well as financing of all these projects.

IIB Development Group is a centre of excellence for financing and infrastructure development at affordable levels using environmentally sustainable approaches, which meet the growing needs of developing countries. IIB-DG offer state of the art, innovative and affordable technology and work with the governments and local partners including where possible, setting up manufacturing plants locally to produce building units for residential and commercial structures.

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