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May 28,2020

ICG CAPITAL AND FINANCE CORP (UK) LTD signed a MoU with the Government of the Andhra Pradesh State, India: Refinancing for the Government of the Andhra Pradesh State existing debts and/or other States or the Government of India. Infrastructure developments – housing, roads, communication, and agriculture.

CEO, Mr. Michael A. Minsky: “I am pleased to hereby inform you that IB-DG and Partners are ready to provide the Government of the State of Andhra Pradesh a loan for approx. $8.09 Billion to refinance their existing debts. The new loan terms we are offering are as follows:
-After (the) provision of the new refinancing loan, we will be willing to provide the State of Andhra Pradesh (with) another loan for the same amount and on the same terms for (the) purposes of developing Infrastructure Projects in the State, such as Power Plants, Railways, Roads, Housing, Water, and Sewerage. “

ICG CAPITAL AND FINANCE CORP (UK) LTD express commitment to work diligently and wishes the project to be carried out and financed by IIB Development Group, LLC and signed a contract on May 28, 2020 with IIB-DG.

About IIB-DG Africa

IIB Development is a consortium of US-based companies specializing in financing and infrastructure development. IIB Development Group brings together experts in synergistic industries to develop turnkey innovative solutions in infrastructure and development – housing, roads, water and wastewater, energy, railways as well as financing of all these projects

IIB Development Group is a centre of excellence for financing and infrastructure development at affordable levels using environmentally sustainable approaches, which meet the growing needs of developing countries. IIB-DG offers state-of-the-art, innovative, and affordable technology and work with the governments and local partners, including, where possible, setting up manufacturing plants locally to produce building units for residential and commercial structures.



ICG Capital and Finance Corp (UK) Limited, a company registered and incorporated in the UK (Reg No: 894338) whose registered office is at 37 Warren Street London, W1T 6AD. London, UK, represented by Mr. Michael A. Minsky in the capacity as CEO

ICG Capital and Finance Corp (UK) is an international finance and investment company having significant track record in arranging the procurement of financing for Sovereigns and Corporations.

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