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Infrastructure Development in Washington, District of Columbia

IIB Development Group (IIB-DG) is a US-based company that specializes in providing funding for infrastructure development. It was established on September 26, 2018, under the laws of the District of Columbia and the Federal Government of the United States.

IIB-DG intervenes in the form of direct funding facility – medium- or long-term funding for public or private sector projects, “with an approach based on technology transfer through partnership, job creation with significant positive effect on the social life of the population and economic growth.”


IIB`s mission is to provide financial resources to businesses and countries to address the challenges they face and achieve sustainable socio-development and job creation with a significant positive impact on the social life of the population, elevating living standards and economic growth.

To achieve its mission statement, IIB wholly owns multi-portfolios corporate in oil, gas, energy, mining, automobile, aviation, entertainment, real estate, petrochemicals and infrastructure development, with trillions of dollars of assets with accounts in the Top 25 Banks worldwide.

IIB`s assets, subsidiaries (SPVs), equities, and cash equivalents owned by IIB multinational conglomerate holding company with valuation of over trillions of dollars enable IIB to provide funding for humanitarian, development, and infrastructure projects worldwide.

IIB Development Group is an American multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Washington, DC, United States. IIB`s assets, subsidiaries (SPVs), equities, cash equivalents owned by IIB-DG with valuation of over 8 trillion dollars enable IIB-DG to provide funding for humanitarian, development, and infrastructure projects worldwide.

IIB Development Group (IIB-DG) has over 120 subsidiaries globally with most (99% SPVs ) shareholding majority-owned by IIB-DG at 70% shares/stakes in the SPVs structure, IIB owns the assets of those subsidiaries, maintains oversight capacities, owns a controlling interest in those subsidiaries, control the subsidiaries’ policies and oversee management decisions but does not actively participate in running a business’s day-to-day operations of these subsidiaries.


IIB-DG aims to be a center of excellence for financing and infrastructure development at affordable levels using alternative approaches. Committed to our vision of Building a World of Difference®, we are Innovative and consistently raise the bar with our process and technology, which allows us to provide innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges. New alternative financing founded in best practices enables us to meet and fulfill our purpose.

IIB-DG strives to be a leading private sector infrastructure company globally with a strong balance sheet and tremendous access to the capital markets raising liquidity in the form of both debt and equity without any dependence on third-party financial support. IIB’s capabilities are unique in being an advisor, project owner, manager, financier, and strategic partner.

IIB has established a highly reputable track record in meeting its mission statement backed by successful projects sponsored by IIB that allow it to have significant financial flexibilities. IIB is involved in providing thought leadership on various developing countries’ economic and developmental issues through participation in white papers and global forums where such topics are discussed and contemplated.

IIB is sought out by multilateral agencies and global leaders for its perspectives on policies and challenging matters concerning developmental economics. From a financial perspective, the issuance of bonds, its own financial instruments, and bonds whereby would be treated analogously to the highest-grade bonds. Such bonds are traded, perpetuating cash flows that enhance IIB `s financial capabilities further without any dependency from third parties. This allows IIB to provide support in countries where financing is least available, further cementing its global presence in the project’s financing.

Central banks are willing to take IIB bonds and provide immediate liquidity to IIB issuances which provide immediate availability of funds to infrastructure funds that IIB would choose to sponsor. IIB is a leading multilateral agency. Similarly, IIB executives are given the same stature and influence as sovereign leaders concerning developmental and economic matters in the world. The IIB performs its functions and carries out its activities following the provisions of its Statute. The task of the IIB is “to contribute, by having recourse to the capital market and utilizing its own resources, to the balanced and steady development of the global market in the interest of the IIB-DG.”

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