Senior Leadership Group

The IIB Senior Leadership Group lead strategic planning and critical decision making. They manage budgets, approve major expenditures, and maintain important strategic partnerships. They may also serve as a public “face” representing the company and making official statements. IIB-DG officers handle the day-to-day matters of IIB-DG as well as carry out the directors’ decisions and policies.

IIB grounded in hierarchical structures to preserve order, encourage transparency and have a clear chain of command. The board of directors agrees on the general direction of the IIB, the executive management agrees on how they should reach this goal, and the senior leaders execute the plan. They are responsible for implementing the decisions of the board and executive team. They should ensure that every employee knows their tasks and the IIB’s guidelines. they are not a decision-making body and serve only in an advisory capacity. It should still be the executive committee and the board who run the show.

The IIB senior leadership team are the principal judges of risk management. Their instincts of when to take a risk should be listened to as they have a detailed knowledge of their employees’ and the IIB’s capabilities. Senior leaders play a key role in hiring, promoting and reviewing the performance of employees in their departments.

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