Executive Management Committee

The Executive Committee oversees all key aspects of the strategy, performance and financial soundness of IIB-DG. The day-to-day running of IIB-DG is conducted by the Executive Management Committee, which reports to the Board of Directors, who together drive the strategic direction of the business.

Under the authority of the President and the supervision of the Board of Directors, it oversees the day-to-day running of IIB-DG, responsible for its overall management, prepares decisions for Directors and ensures that these are implemented. The President chairs the meetings of the Management Committee. The members of the Management Committee are responsible solely to IIB-DG; they are appointed by the Shareholders, on a proposal from the Board of Directors. IIB-DG officers handle the day-to-day matters of IIB-DG as well as carry out the directors’ decisions and policies.

Our management board is charged with developing and implementing our strategy as well as complying with legislation, regulations, and risk management. These include Banking Operations, Credit, Administration, Human Resources, Finance, Treasury, Legal Services, Research and Planning, Strategy and International cooperation, Trade finance, Project and Export Development Finance, Risk Management, Executive Secretariat, External Communications, Corporate Finance and Advisory Services, Syndications and Specialized Finance, Information Technology, Compliance and the office of the President and Executive.


Contact Information

  • Global Headquarters: WASHINGTON
    1050 Connecticut Ave. NW, 10th Floor
    Washington, District of Columbia 20036
    United States of America
    Phone: 571-207-0211
    Fax: 202-217-4050
  • Harare Office
    5th Floor, Shanda House,
    17 Park Street
    Postal Address
    P.O. Box ST 523,
    Tel:+263 (4) 706-762 / 252-224 / 752-616
    Fax:+263 (4) 250-539
    Cell:+2637-1240-0523 / 912-571-317
  • Bulawayo Office
    3rd Floor, Fidelity Life Centre,
    Cnr 11th Avenue/Fife Street
    Postal Address
    P.O. Box FM 254,
    Tel:+263 (9) 75-709 / 75-719
    Fax:+263 (9) 75-719

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