Finance Process / Obtaining a Funding

How IIB-DG projects are financed:

IIB-DG project cycle consists of the following stages :

  • Concept review

    Typically, IIB-DG management approves the project concept and overall structure, including the proposed financing structure and supporting obligations. At this stage, IIB-DGD and the client usually sign an MoU which outlines the responsibilities.

  • Final review

    Once the basic business deal (including a signed term sheet) has been negotiated and due diligence has been substantially completed, the project is submitted for Final Review by IIB-DG management.

  • Board Approval

    IIB-DG President and operations team present the project to the Board of Directors for approval unless Board approval has been delegated to management. 

  • Signed

    IIB-DG and the client sign the deal and it becomes legally binding.

  • Disbursing

    Once repayment conditions are agreed upon and IIB-DG’s conditions are met, the funds are transferred from the IIB-DG’s account to the client’s account.

  • Repaying

    The client repays the loan amount to IIB-DG under an agreed schedule.

  • Sale of equity

      Preparation: In line with the contractually agreed exit process and timing either:
    • the investee company or IIB-DG appoints a sell side advisor and organises a competitive process IIB-DG’s stake in the business, or
    • the investee company is prepared for an IPO, or
    • in case of put/call arrangement the put option value is determined
  • Review: Once the exit parameters (including valuation) have been substantially established, the project receives a Final Review by IIB-DG management.
  • Exit: legally binding agreements are signed and the transaction affected subject to all necessary external approvals.
  • Complete

    The loan has been fully repaid and/or the IIB-DG’s equity investment divested.

  • Projects Approved

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